Santa Monica Business

Jurisdiction: Santa Monica
Source: City of Santa Monica, Finance Department Revenue Division

This dataset includes 82 thousand business entities licensed wtih the City of Santa Monica, Finance Department Revenue Division. Each business is registered with license number, business name, doing business as (DBA) name, location, mailing address, industry code, license issue date and status, etc.

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Entity Name Office Address
Associated Consulting Civil & Environmental 2034 COTNER AVE #408, LOS ANGELES
D L A Consulting Group 2118 WILSHIRE BLVD #820, SANTA MONICA
Angelo & Garnets Consulting 3331 OCEAN PARK BLVD #201, SANTA MONICA
Francine Bergers Consulting 1460 7TH ST #206, SANTA MONICA
Brockmeier Consulting Eng Cr 1304 OLYMPIC BLVD, SANTA MONICA
Lighthouse Consulting Service 3130 WILSHIRE BLVD #550, SANTA MONICA
D 7 Consulting Inc 1000 DOVE ST #102, NEWPORT BEACH
I C F Consulting LLC 1 ADA #100, IRVINE
D T A Consulting Engineers Inc 22952 MILL CREEK DR #B, LAGUNA HILLS
Forensic Analytical Consulting Services 2959 E PACIFIC COMMERCE DR, EAST RANCHO DOMINGUEZ
Jean Franzblau Consulting LLC 828 9TH ST #C, SANTA MONICA
Leighton Consulting Inc 17781 COWAN, IRVINE
Cambridge Tech Consulting 201 WILSHIRE BLVD #41, SANTA MONICA
Fulton Consulting 1443 YALE ST #5, SANTA MONICA
Diverse City Consulting 848 PACIFIC ST #5, SANTA MONICA
M S C Business Consulting LLC 1534 N MOORPARK RD #317, THOUSAND OAKS
Gibson Transportation Consulting Inc 555 W 5TH ST #3375, LOS ANGELES
Clark Richardson & Biskup Consulting Engineers 1251 NW BRIARCLIFF PKWY SUITE 500, KANSAS CITY
Kiely Consulting LLC 3231 OCEAN PARK BLVD #119, SANTA MONICA
C P Fitness Consulting & Coaching 6617 W 82ND ST, LOS ANGELES
Alliance Resource Consulting LLC 400 OCEANGATE #510, LONG BEACH
Stantec Consulting Services Inc 3777 WORSHAM AVE #200, LONG BEACH
Sjoberg Evashenk Consulting Inc 455 CAPITOL MALL #700, SACRAMENTO
Tour And Charter Consulting 1434 2ND ST, SANTA MONICA
Real Estate Consulting & Services Inc 827 E CIVIC CENTER DR, SANTA ANA
Buro Happold Consulting Engineers Inc 800 WILSHIRE BLVD 16 FLR, LOS ANGELES
Incledon Consulting Group 1570 CORPORATE DR #A, COSTA MESA
M F C S Consulting LLC 212 MARINE ST #100, SANTA MONICA
AMA Consulting Engineers, P.C. 2101 E EL SEGUNDO BLVD 303, EL SEGUNDO
Patriot Consulting Technology Group LLC 17192 MURPHY AVE STE 14069, IRVINE
DeciBio Consulting LLC 725 ARIZONA AVE #202, SANTA MONICA
E F A Consulting Inc 2500 BROADWAY #F-1092, SANTA MONICA
Gary Seidner Consulting 1437 PRINCETON ST #5, SANTA MONICA
G 6 G Consulting Group LLC 1137 6TH ST #104, SANTA MONICA
Phoenix Consulting Inc 1230 25TH ST #3, SANTA MONICA
AAA Tax and Consulting Services 3019 16TH ST, SANTA MONICA
12 Bravo Consulting LLC 2443 18TH ST, SANTA MONICA
TD Consulting Inc 2115 3RD ST #407, SANTA MONICA
Westwing Consulting 1239 20TH ST #107, SANTA MONICA
Cazenave Consulting Group LLC 1035 9TH ST, SANTA MONICA
HSC Educational Consulting 1725 PIER AVE, SANTA MONICA
ProMark Consulting Services 1541 9TH ST #D, SANTA MONICA
Project 13 Consulting Inc 843 12TH ST #2, SANTA MONICA
Ostashay & Associates Consulting 1321 E 3RD ST, LONG BEACH
Mac Attack Consulting 1323 12TH ST UNIT I, SANTA MONICA
J B A Consulting Engineers Inc 5155 W PATRICK LN, LAS VEGAS
Pinkerton Consulting & Investigations Inc 1055 WILSHIRE BLVD #1680, LOS ANGELES
Iris Consulting 7056 FORBES AVE, VAN NUYS
Upcall Software Consulting Inc 2322 5TH ST #104, SANTA MONICA
QBO Plus Consulting, Inc. 320 PACIFIC ST #7, SANTA MONICA
Romy Consulting Inc 1755 OCEAN AVE #707, SANTA MONICA
Don Halpern Consulting 1127 5TH ST 8, SANTA MONICA
Sharon Croskery Consulting & Design 1236 CHELSEA AVE 8, SANTA MONICA
LH Consulting 2000 MAIN ST #108, SANTA MONICA
Grandcolas Consulting LLC 247 OCEAN PARK BLVD, SANTA MONICA
Tom Peters Consulting 13 VILLAGE PKWY, SANTA MONICA
M And G Danesh Consulting Services Inc 1532 BERKELEY ST #4, SANTA MONICA
Avery Cobern Consulting 2602 WASHINGTON AVE, SANTA MONICA
Choice Circulation Consulting 1244 EUCLID ST #9, SANTA MONICA
Gene Sullivan Consulting & Coaching 1510 CALIFORNIA AVE #B, SANTA MONICA
Riehl Construction Consulting LLC 2444 WILSHIRE BLVD #301, SANTA MONICA
Catamount Consulting Corp 2913 2ND ST #C, SANTA MONICA
Shine Consulting LLC 726 IDAHO AVE #305, SANTA MONICA
MNT Consulting Inc 2350 PIER AVE, SANTA MONICA
Zoe Consulting Inc 3224 18TH ST, SANTA MONICA
A A A Tax & Consulting Services 3019 16TH ST, SANTA MONICA
Roebuck Research & Consulting 450 12TH ST, SANTA MONICA
J R H It Consulting 1908 19TH ST #C, SANTA MONICA
Cary Stump Cost Consulting, LLC 812 EUCLID ST UNIT A, SANTA MONICA
Lynn Strother Consulting 943 9TH ST #6, SANTA MONICA
Kenter Consulting, LLC 1301 20TH ST STE 465, SANTA MONICA
Empowering Decision Strategies Consulting 2900 4TH ST #18, SANTA MONICA
Duong Consulting Services LLC 2322 5TH ST #107, SANTA MONICA
YankeeWest Consulting 525 SANTA MONICA BLVD #309, SANTA MONICA
H Mottola Consulting 1318 2ND ST APT 408, SANTA MONICA
DKG Executive Consulting, LLC 101 CALIFORNIA AVE #805, SANTA MONICA
Batmunkh Consulting 1221 FRANKLIN ST #9, SANTA MONICA
Paniagua Structural Engineering Consulting 1538 W 92ND ST, LOS ANGELES
Renu Mevasse Consulting LLC 2707 11TH #3, SANTA MONICA
O'Cain Consulting Inc 1107 BAY ST #B, SANTA MONICA
M.S. Consulting Engineering 12631 IMPERIAL HWY # E-125, SANTA FE SPRINGS
Quadel Consulting and Training, LLC 1528 BERKELEY ST #6, SANTA MONICA
Eric Billingsley Consulting 1908 12TH ST FRONT HOUSE, SANTA MONICA
Poza Consulting Services 2425 OLYMPIC BLVD #4000W, SANTA MONICA
Woods Consulting Inc 415 MONTANA AVE #101, SANTA MONICA
Belam Consulting 1528 6TH ST #404, SANTA MONICA
Organization Effectiveness Consulting 1725 OCEAN AVE #132, SANTA MONICA
Sonuyi Consulting Inc 858 3RD ST #27, SANTA MONICA
Dig Consulting Inc 3400 AIRPORT AVE #34, SANTA MONICA
Paradise Consulting 1620 26TH ST #1015N, SANTA MONICA
Spiegl Consulting 631 PACIFIC ST #1, SANTA MONICA
CPS HR Consulting 2450 DEL PASO RD #220, SACRAMENTO
Agile Media Consulting LLC 901 OCEAN AVE #206, SANTA MONICA
Rooftop Consulting 1035 19TH ST #5, SANTA MONICA
Gunn Consulting Group 2663 CENTINELA AVE #504, SANTA MONICA